Katerina Apostolidou is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece.

Selection of exhibitions [group (G), solo (S)]

2018, Anatomy of Political Melancholy, curator: Katerina Gregos, Schwarz Foundation, Art Space Pythagorion, Samos, Greece (G) │ Shell, The Politics of Existence, curator: Kostas Prapoglou, 15th High School, Kypseli, Athens, Greece,  (G) │ 2018, Acropolis at the Bottom, curator: Katerina Nikou,  Nikos Kessanlis Hall, Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Athens, Greece, (G)│ 2013, Art Projections, 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, parallel program, The Visual Arts in Dialogue with Cinema, Nov4-9, 2013, Thessaloniki Cinema Museum – Cinematheque, Thessaloniki. (G) │2011, Visual Dialogues, Onassis Cultural Center, Art Athina, Athens. (G) │2010, Visual Dialogues, produced and organized by Onassis Cultural Center, Panepistimiou st., Athens curator: Marilena Karra. (G) │2010, In-scribe, Hellenic American Union, Athens.(G) │2009, Atlantis, hidden histories- new identities, Center for Contemporary Art, curators: Emil Mirazchiev, Jakob Racek, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. (G) │2009, The First Image, curator: Denis Zacharopoulos. CRAC, Centre Regional d’Art Contemporain Languedoc- Rousillon, Sete, France, MMCA, Thessaloniki. (G) │2008, Visual Arts in Greece 3, cur.: Hristina Petrinou, CACT, Thessaloniki. (G) │2008 Displacements, Loraini Alimantiri- Gazon Rouge Gallery, Athens. (S)│2007, Nightcomers, 10th International Istanbul Biennial, cur. Hou Hanru. (G│2007, Aquarium Stories, MMCA, Thessaloniki. (S)│2004, VZ – Video Zone, 2nd International video Biennal, cur.: Katerina Gregos,Tel Aviv, Israel. (G) │2004, Athens by Art, AICA Hellas, curator: Efi Strouza, Athens, Greece. (G) │2004, ‘Hola Grecia!’, ‘Nine muses, I presume?’, curators: Katerina Gregos, Denis Zacharopoulos, Sania Pappa, Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain. (G) │2002 Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, curator: Lina Tsikouta, Evangelos Averoff – Tossitzza Foundation Metsovo, MMCA Today, Technopolis-Gazi Athens (2003). (G) │2001 Open 2001, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, cur.: Lina Tsikouta Lido, Venice, Italy. (G) │2000, Leaving the island, PICAF (Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival), Pusan Metropolitan Art Museum, cur.: Young Chul Lee, Rosa Martinez, Hou Hanru Pusan, Korea. (G) │1997, Kalfayan Gallery , Thessaloniki. (S)│1997, And still the ship is not in sight, cur.: Katerina Koskina, Dodo Richter Glueck, Eva Schmidt, Thessaloniki harbor, Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe ’97, Lichthaus, Bremen, Germany. (G)│1995, Medousa Art Gallery, Athens. (S)│1989, Medousa Art Gallery, Athens. (S)